It surpasses art and high-tech

DEAO escalator DE series fully merges with the noble, rigorous German industrial design. It is backed by the safe and intellectual technology with the superior performance. It is based upon ergonomics and aesthetics ideas. It provides the modern building with the noble and deluxe travel,the wonderful visual enjoyment.

More skillful energy-saving efficiency

The use of new drive technology and intellectual control system technology bring about the more energy-saving and environmental protection travel of DEAO escalator and moving walk. The application of optional intellectual variable-frequency technology and ECO energy-saving technology can usually save 60% of energy in the scarce passenger flow areas.

Beauty of structure

High strength metal structure constructs the precision sizes. Super-conscious aesthetics design perfectly combines with the building.

Beauty of luxury

Installs trouble display which accurately analyzes the running condition and displays it on the screen. It ensures the prompt and effective repair and maintenance.

Beauty of high safety

Toughened glass wainscot and deluxe decoration are better than others.

Beauty of technology

Automatic start / stop running device is near the floor plate. It installs automatic sensor. It automatically detects and operates when the passengers get closer.

Safe steady and
smooth running

Moving walk
Free life fulfills great success

DEAO moving walk DM series is backed by streamline outline design which guides the industrial trend. It features as the noble, natural, splendid and graceful charm. It is backed by the advanced technology, the reliable performance and the comfortable experience. It sends the people to an ideal road of success.

Incomparable economical properties

DEAO moving walk uses the advanced manufacture craft and technology to greatly increase the product properties, prolong the service life of moving walk, directly reduces the clients’ operation cost. The optional variable frequency drive technology has the noticeable energy-saving effects. It cuts down the running cost of DEAO moving walk to the greatest extent.

Compact, flexible and relaxing structure

The moving walk size has been reduced due to the compact design of guiderail pre-mounting technology, mechanical system and handrail drive system of DEAO moving walk. It thus effectively utilizes the building space.

Safety and reliability

Slip-free grooves on pallet surface have an excellent slip-proof function which makes the ride safe and comfortable. Slightly inclined combs can make trolleys easily get on and off. Special machine with complete protecting function runs smoothly and drives efficiently.