Panorama elevator

It only requires one independent space – well. It needs no machine room. It solves the problem so that the elevator occupies less space. It removes difficulty in architectural design. It has the advantages of saving the building time, cost and material. DEAO machine room-less panorama elevator is backed by smooth installation mode and running efficiency. It becomes the most magical symbol in the building. It is pleasing to the eye.

Panoramic elevator
Embrace the views of the city

All-round efficiency raises a storm of energy conservation

It applies the latest generation of permanent magnet synchronous technology. It is backed by the features of highly energy-saving and environment protection, effective and low noise. It effectively fulfills energy and power saving. It also saves the installation expense. It starts an energy-saving and environment protection trend and storm in the energy-saving epoch of 21st century.

Energy feedback system

It effectively merges with energy regeneration ideas and energy feedback principle of double-PWM control. It utilizes energy return technology. It converts heat energy in the elevator running into the electric energy and feeds back to electric grid. It fulfills energy regeneration and utilization. The energy-saving effects move to a higher level.

32-digit intellectual and fully computerized control system

It applies highly integrated double 32-digit intellectual computer control system.Under multiple optional control modes, it combines with fully digitalized vector IP frequency converter. It ensures the more effective elevator data processing through fully closed-loop speed feedback adjustment and super-strong trouble self-diagnostic and recording functions. It is more complete in the functions.

VYVF variable frequency door machige

It can adjust door opening / closing speed with fine and exquisite door machine system design. It does not affect the car height. The firm and reliable system is more smooth and peaceful in running.

IC card management system

The users can freely add various operation functions to satisfy the safety requirements with various humane designs. It effectively protects the residents’ safety in the location of the elevator’ s building. It reduces invalid elevator operation. It is more convenient for special people to use the elevator.

long-distance monitor

Long-distance monitor center executes real-time monitor to the elevator running condition and the passengers’ condition through wired or wireless communication module. Therefore it promptly finds any possible trouble and ensures the passengers’ safety.

Voice arrival

It applies the announcer with beautiful melody.
It informs the passengers of arriving floor with sweet and considerate services,

Car decoration