The household elevator note first save area, reasonable layout, double doors off automatic door using household elevator general, heavy side scheme comparison of taiwan. Ido Hiroshi 1200mm the corresponding car door width 700mm width 850mm. The preferred U type stair hollow space to install home elevator. Secondly, considering the well environment and personal preferences, and consider the cost and household elevator brand.

Well location decision and lift door size. In an elevator between stairs and stairs, combination is a good scheme. The stairs in the center, corner, plug-in can not blocking the channel, center is preferred. With the opening width of well width with backstepping, the height estimation car height. Load recommended 3 – 4 people, 225 – 320KG, the car the size of 0.8 to 1 square meters. The relative size of load weight can be more than airstairs, increased comfort.

Household elevator well with closed closed car, sightseeing car well with sightseeing, can the three sightseeing or local sightseeing, glass door installation recommendations. The car shapes. Rectangular, circular, combination type can recommend the use of automatic folding door with transparent material. Because the elevator parts more, family sightseeing elevator is not easy to use a transparent glass, steel structure well, light design. If it is circular arc-shaped stairs with lift is more beautiful. Two, is a common car with semi-circular planar automatic door, a car is a circular arc with circle arc automatic door.


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