Car elevator

It inherits the advanced German car lifting technology. It has been specially designed according to particularity of car products. It solves the unstable technical barriers of large noise to traditional car elevators. It is backed by the attractive outline, convenient operation mode, little sharing space, high utilization rate of the space, wide application range. It becomes a model example of new generation car elevator.

It favors your car in
up / down motion

Meanwhile it is convenient for operators inside and outside the elevator car.

It has special circuit control and display system. It is convenient for driver operation inside the elevator car, and also for the waiting passengers outside the elevator car.

It is convenient for the car drivers.

The elevator car has two operation panels. The driver can operate the elevator without stepping out of the car.

The humane design

There are safety device in the car to ensure the and car safety.

It is convenient for entry / exit of the car

Front and rear opening design modes of the elevator car are more convenient for the cars to enter into / exit from the elevator car.