Maintain a lifetime

We provide elevators and escalator equipment with tailor-made standardized maintenance services. Under our careful maintenance, the service life of product can be extended, and our value-added services will protect your investment.

Customer service

Modernization of the identity of the customer service center by the national network identification system to provide accurate service for you. ONECALL barrier-free hotline 365 days 24 hours rapid response to your inquiry.

Reach the first time

Excellence comes from professional, maintenance technicians around the country are through strict training, professional skills, to ensure that the first time to provide you with the most comprehensive and quality services.

Spare parts supply

Level 3 spare parts storage, radiation across the country a wide range of logistics supply network can provide plenty of spare parts, lifelong products to the nearest let you never trouble back at home.


As a leading supplier of elevators, Suzhou DEAO Elevator with world-class technology and production technology to provide customers with excellent elevator and escalator systems to fully reliable products, competitive prices and perfect service experience, you create unique value. What you get is never a solution, but a wide range of solutions.

Service has no limit of time and space.

Suzhou DEAO Elevator Co., Ltd. sets up vast branches all over the country. It ensures that local customers can the prompt and effective part response as soon as possible. It sets 24-hour customer service hotline to ensure emergency repair and maintenance requirements of the customers.

Service is closely associated with you

DEAO offers full-course one-stop fine services before the clients’ purchasing the elevators, till life-long service period of the products. It regularly assigns the repair and maintenance staff to test and maintain the elevators so that you can rest assured in purchasing our products.

maintenance group

DEAO owns a group of installation team, repair and maintenance group with fine quality, good skill, high sense of responsibility and high level. It demands itself by high standard requirements. It rigorously accords with standard installation, repair and maintenance flows. It provides broad customers with the most prompt and professional installation, repair and maintenance services with high quality!