Cargo elevator

It applies the world’s most advanced micro-computer control technology. It combines with high strength section material craft and technology for design and manufacture. It is backed by the outstanding transport performance. It is competent to the transport tasks under various harsh environments. It has the advantages such as safe, reliable, high structural strength, durable, large door-opening distance, high cost performance etc. It is an ideal choice for various occasions such as the factory, warehouse, department store, housing property management center etc.

VVVF speed governor technology

It applies the advanced WVF speed governor technology. With the more smooth running curve, the elevator is backed by the constant torque characteristics. It improves the running speed, smoothness and leveling accuracy of the traditional elevator.

Light-curtain protection system

When the car door closes, infrared ray which covers the whole door height probes the passengers and the objects. It sensitively reacts to any person / object that enters into the probing plane. It needs no touch with the friendly protection.

Emergency lighting in power disconnection

When there is power disconnection to the system, it automatically starts emergency lighting in the car. It relieves the passengers’anxiety.

Car fan and automatic car lighting

If there has no calling or command signal within the stipulated time, it automatically shuts the car fan and lighting. It saves energy in every detail. It shows the humane design.

Economical and durable,
Noble and imposing

Machine roomless freight elevator
Machine room-less design, effective transport

DEAO DFN series machine room-less goods elevator applies the compact permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine and slender control cabinet which keep in pace with the world’ s advanced standard.
It requires no machine room. At the same time of saving the building space, it saves the building cost increases the performance and quality of goods transport. It provides vast units such as the factory, warehouse,
housing property management center, library etc. with the best goods transport.

Compact type gearless traction machine

It is of light weight, small bulk.
It has been installed at well top.
It saves the building space.


It effectively utilizes the space.

“Lower traction” structure saves the space of top floor.


It provides the architectural design with infinite freedom.

Slender control cabinet can be installed inside the wall.

Car decoration